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Just A Quick Hello

Hello, hope we are well today and enjoying the bank holiday weekend. So basically after months and months of thinking and should I shouldn't I posts I've finally got the courage to come and start my blog. And I know... Continue Reading →

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Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

Hello my loves, I hope we are all well? Are we all excited for Christmas? Today I am just doing a chatty post instead of a review or another type of post. So 2017 is almost over and honestly this... Continue Reading →

Ps Pro Foundation

Hey everyone. I hope we are all having a lovely weekend.  If you are like me and are still searching for the perfect foundation or even just a cheaper alternative to your expensive fav foundation. Then I may have found... Continue Reading →

BBQ Pulled Pork

Hey everyone. Hope we have all had a good week so far.  So for the next Tasty Thursday post I made a classic dinner, one of my all time favorite  comfort food recipes. BBQ Pulled Pork, now I serve mine on... Continue Reading →

Novembers Favorites 

Hey everyone. I hope we have all had a lovely weekend. I didn't do much just brought my little boy to see santa. I can't believe that it's already December and Christmas is only a few short weeks away. This... Continue Reading →

Tasty Thursday- Nacho Bake 

Hey everyone. How is everyone's week been? Is anyone else excited for the Late Late Toy Show tomorrow? So I've decided to start a weekly series on my blog called Tasty Thursday bascially I'll share recipes, food ideas, and a... Continue Reading →

My Holy Grail Mascara

Hey everyone.  I hope we are all having a good weekend. Did anyone pick up anything nice in the black Friday sales? NOTE: DURING MY BREAK FROM THIS BLOG I CREATED A SECOND BLOG AND THIS IS A POST I WROTE FROM... Continue Reading →

Bourbon Chicken 

Hey everyone. I hope we have all had fantastic week. So sorry this post is a day late my little boy had a birthday party yesterday so I wasn't around much of the day.  I asked you all on twitter... Continue Reading →

W7- Shade and Swap

Hello, my loves I hope we are fantastic. I am doing really well I have had a few good days home and I'm now ready to buckle down and get to work. So today I am going to talk to... Continue Reading →

A Life Update 

Hello my loves I hope we are all well. It feels like forever since I last came on here and had a chat with you all.  Firstly I'd like to say that I'm back blogging after a break that I... Continue Reading →

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